Friday, October 9, 2015

Whaff Hack : Earn Unlimited Money Online With Whaff Rewards [Trick Added]

Whaff reward is a money making though which you can earn money and redeem it to tour paypal account, gift cards etc. Earn unlimited money online with whaff rewards. Whaff app is very simple to use and it is trusted app. You can earn money by doing some task and by referring friends.
Updated :- We are very happy to tell your that the referral money has increased to $.50 from $0.30
earn unlimited money online with whaff rewards
How to Earn Money Online Using Whaff Hack :-
1) Download Whaff Rewards App
2) Register your account using facebook
3) If you want 0.50$ for signup then enter my refer code: (otherwise ignore this step)
4) Complete the tasks like :- downloading apps,watching videos and inviting friends
5) Referring Friends :- You and your friends both will earn 0.50$ when he enters your referral code while signup.
6) Minimum payout is 10$
7) For India you should request your money on Paypal only. Gift cards are applicable on Us site and they will not work on Indian sites.
Referral Money Increased To $0.50 per refer :-
earn unlimited money online with whaff rewards
How To Earn Unlimited Money Online With Whaff Rewards :-
Here is a trick through whuvh you can earn unlimted money with whaff rewards. Use this trick and earn unlimited money online.
Requirements :-
1) Android phone (rooted)
2) Download 2 apps
Steps :-
1) Download whaff rewards app.
2) After creating account for the first time. Copy your referral code and clear app data
3) Open Xposed installer app
4) Click on ‘Module’. You will see Donkey guard app
5) Tick on Donkey guard app
6) Open Donkey guard and open whaff rewards app from there.
7) Click on setting of Whaff rewards app and change the items mentioned below by clicking on pencil icon and generate new values.
a) Change Android ID
b) Change Device ID
c) Change Sim Serial Number
d) Change Subscriber ID
8) Now reboot your android device.
9) Open whaff rewards app.
10) Signup using another fb id and enter your referral code.
11) You will get $0.30 for every signup
12) Repeat the steps to earn unlimited money.
Note : Don’t use this tricks many times in a day. Whaff rewards may block your account.
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