Friday, October 9, 2015

Make Folder as System Folder [Advance Hidden Folder]

Hello Friends,
Today i am sharing about windows hidden folder trick, There are two types of hidden folder.

One is User Hidden Folder And Second one is System hidden folder. User Hidden folder folders can be see when we change setting in folder option as Show hidden folder, But system folders still hide.

How To Make System Hidden Folder ?

Step 1 : Make Normal Folder .
              Example : ImpTricks

Step 2 : Open Command Prompt byWINDOWS+R key. And Type CMD and Enter.

Step 3 : Enter The Path of Folder in CMD [Where you made folder]
             Example : D:\Books\

Step 4 : Now Paste the following command.
attrib ImpTricks +s +h
              ImpTricks is Folder Name [Replace with your folder name]

Step 5 : Done! You made a system hidden folder. It will be hidden you can check yourself.

How To Access The Hidden Folder ? [Without Changing Folder Option]

Step 1 : go to the parent folder. [Where you made hidden folder]
            Example : D:\Books\

Step 2 : Click on Address bar and type Folder Name. And Press Enter.
            Example : D:\Books\ImpTricks\

Step 3 : Now You Are inside the system hidden folder.

I Hope You Enjoy Tricks And Tip.. 


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