Friday, October 9, 2015

Earn Atleast $1 Weekly !!! [With Your Daily Activity]

Hello Friends,
Today i am sharing trick which is help you to earn $$$ with your daily activity,
and that daily activity is use of your Android mobile :) .

Requirement :

Android mobile
SideJoy App
Simple Cover Lock
PayPal Account (For receiving payment:) )

Payment Proof

Now, Step by Step trick for earn,

Step 1 : Register Here : Click this link

Step 2 : After visiting above link, Select Cash.

Step 3 : And Register with Facebook or Email.

Step 4 : If you registered via Email then verify your Email. 

Step 5 : Download the Slidejoy app from the Play store. [Download Link is in Download Section]

Step 6 : Install the App and Login.

Step 7 : You Done 90% Now the very important trick start which help you to make more earning.

Step 8 : Now Download The Simple Cover Lock. [Download Link is in Download Section]

Simple Cover Lock app automatically increase your earnings because this automatically locks your phone when you cover your proximity sensors. 
:) :) 

Step 9 : Finally use your flip cover or just flip your phone randomly and get Carats [Point] [100=1$]
You can earn $1 per DAY 

Download Section

SlideJoy Play Store Link
Simple Cover Lock Play Store Link
Both App Google Drive Link
Zip File Google Drive Link


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