Friday, July 24, 2015

Quikr Refer And Earn : Refer And Earn Rs 150 Bookmyshow Coupon + Unlimited Tricks Added [Live Again]

Quikr App is back with new Quikr Refer And Earn. Refer your friends in quikr app and get Rs 150 Bookmyshow coupon. You will get w points per refer and to redeem bookmyshow coupon you need 4 points. You can earn unlimited bookmyshow coupon.
Quikr refer and earn

How To Get Rs 150 Bookmyshow Coupon From Quikr Refer And Earn Offer :-

1) Download Quikr App From Here
2) Open the app
3) Create new account
4) Click on the menu on top
5) Click on ‘Refer And Earn’
6) Copy your referral link and sgare ut with your friends.
7) You will get 2 points when your friend download the app and create new account. Your referred friend will also get a cleartip voucher.

How To Earn Unlimited Bookmyshow Coupon From Quikr Refer And Earn Offer :-

Requirement :-
* Rooted Device
* IMEI Changer – Click Here To Download
* Android ID Changer – Click Here To Download 
Steps :-
1) Download Quikr App From Here
2) Copy your referral link
3) Now uninstall quikr app from your device
4) Open IMEI changer and change your IMEI
5) Now open android id changer
6) Change your android id and restart your device.
7) Now paste your referral link in the browser
8) Download quikr app from there and create new account
9) You will get 2 points in yout main account and you Will also get a cleartip voucher
10) Repeat all the steps again and earn unlimited bookmyshow voucher from quikr app.

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