Monday, July 27, 2015

Ladoo trick

Without wasting any time here is the process to loot ladooo.
!. Download ladooo app in your phone (don’t play any tricks to that) if you don’t have go here and install ladooo app in your phoneCLICK HERE
2. Copy/Note down your referral link and simply paste in browser of Bluestacks and download ladooo app there i.e. in Bluestacks
3. Then open it and then go to settings and simply uninstall it. (Don’t clear data simply uninstall it. )
4. Download this version of loadoo from HERE and install it.
5. Open it then Click at “ladooo written” as indicated in pic.
6. Then click on money symbol as indicated in the pic.
7.Then something like this will come up.
8. Just select India and put your another number rather than the one you are using on mobile and press on verify and let the verification loading ends up generally take 120 seconds.
9. Now you will receive code on that number for verification just put it after countdown ends up.
10. Voila You are now verified then simply close and open ladooo app and download any app for getting your referral. I will recommend amazon as they gives you your ref money instantly.

11. Don’t worry you don’t have to download amazon every time simply download its apk file and each time just install it without spending your data.
12. After getting referral simply uninstall all app including ladooo.
12. Now open Bluestacks tweaker and change the following.
13. Now restart Bluestacks and loot as much as you can.
Note – You can loot or verify a number only twice and then ladooo will block that number.


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