Monday, June 29, 2015

Android tips/tricks:-Mirror Screen Display to PC,Recover forgotten Wifi password and more

Android is one of the most sold phone in today’s era,It is the favorite OS for peoples across the world,Android is one of the best platform with a large number of apps,ranging from A-z categories,Android features a great technology helping the users to perform large number of operations simultaneously,this is also called as multitasking,With this article we are bringing up some of the best tips/tricks that you can experiment with your android device and make more out of your same android phone,these tips/tricks will support almost all android versions above 2.2,the details are listed below.
1)Mirror your android Display to PC:-Mirror your android phone to PC and enjoy your phone’s display on a big screen,getting a completely different experience,to perform this just follow up the simple procedure below.
a)Firstly Download allcast app for android from the Playstore,
b)Next download the allcast receiver app Extension for chrome browser from here,
c)Launch the app on your mobile (Mirror beta)
d)Finally launch all cast receiver on chrome,the devices will get connected.(Make sure both devices are using the same wifi)
Now all the display of your phone will mirror up on your PC.
2)Lock your Phone with Volume Button pattern:-You might be locking your android phone’s app(s) with a pin or password,in order to prevent their un-authorized usage/access,But today we are introducing a new app ‘Oops applock’ ,This app will let us lock apps using Volume button patterns,no need for any screen password,everything works in totally invisible mode,follow the steps below to use it.
a)Download Oops! App lock from the Playstore,
b)After installing,you will see a notification-Warning you re entering restricted area,
c)To lock an app,Swipe in the app,and view/add or refresh the lock list.
The default pin is Volume up,Volume up and Volume up.
3)Save web pages as PDF With Uc browser:-Save the Webpages on your Mobile as PDF Documents using UC Browser,without any need for PC,Using the simple procedure ,you can do this in few seconds,without any complications.
a)Download UC Browser app from the Playstore,
b)Download and install Web to PDF addon from Playstore,
c)Open up any webpage in Uc browser, and click on the three square icon from the right,
d)Click on ‘Web to pdf’ and click the download button.
4)View/Recover Forgotten WIFI Password on android:-Recover forgotten password for WiFi on your android phone,using this simple trick,you can view wifi password saved on your android phone and even reset/change it as per your needs,this trick will work only for selected android versions,the newer once may not support,follow the steps below.
a)Goto Memory card > data > misc > wifi
b)Here you will see a file named wpa_supplicant.conf
c)Open up this file using a text reader,
d)Scroll a bit down and see your password in the following format
Now when you know them,Practice all these tricks on your phone,these will work with almost all android device above 2.2 ,in case you face any problem just give a read to the post again for clarifications,all the instructions are listed up above,more tips and tricks will be added up in coming days.


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