Monday, April 27, 2015

freecharge credits loot trick : download snapdeal app and get unlimited freecharge credits

About offer :-
Freecharge has come up with snapdeal. You just need to download snapdeal app from freecharge after making a recharge of minimum 10 rs  and get 50 rs freecharge credits and 50 rs snapdeal credits also.
This offer is exclusively for new user.

Requirements for trick :-
Rooted Android mobie.
Unlimited freecharge accounts.
Android id chager App download from here.
About trick :-
BY using this trick you will get 50 rs freecharge credits without making any recharge from freecharge app even if you have previously downloaded snapdeal app many times.
You just need to follow all these steps carefully.
Steps to get free freecharge credits :-

Open Android id changer app.
By clicking on + button, generate new Android id for your device.

Now copy the following link :-

Replace xxx with your freecharge registered gmail username.
Open this link in default browser.
Install snapdeal app and open it for 2 minutes.
You will not get any snapdeal credits if you have already downloaded this app, but you will definitely get 50 rs freecharge credits.
Now uninstall the snapdeal app.
Now again generate a new device id using device id change app.
Now follow the steps again to download snapdeal app by replacing a different freecharge registered gmail username in place of xxx.
Follow these steps again and again to get 50 rs freecharge credits in your all freecharge accounts.
Note :-
I'm not responsible for any damages to your device due to rooting.
Use code FREECHARGE to get 50 rs snapdeal credits if you are downloading app first time.
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